this comic is directly related, it would seem, to yesterday’s, and this one.

i am not going to comment on relationships or breakups because i do not know anything about them worth sharing.  i have ‘been dumped’ a few times, and i broke up with a girl once.  i have been married for six years.  none of these things seems to qualify me to speak about anything other than my own personal experiences, which i have to be honest, are not very interesting.  maybe i should start a livejournal.  that seems to be the place to whine about things like that.

let me know if you like when comics relate to other comics, or if you like it that most of these comics are wholly separate from every other one, or if you like it sometimes but not too often so that it still feels special when i connect them.  even if you do not ‘give a shit,’ i would not mind hearing from you about how your day was or what you had for lunch if you ate lunch.

one more work week x’ed out on the calendar.  i hope your friday buys you dinner and makes you feel pretty.

Note (8-30-16): I feel, now, that I have extensive experience with horribly painful breakups and could comment on them a bunch, for a long time, if you like.