i think sombreros are half funny, half totally badass.  you do not fuck with a guy in a sombrero, especially if the sombrero is completely out of place.  i believe i need a sombrero.  i should probably get a sombrero before i go to any comic conventions, just so that people know what’s up.

i finally put the new iphone software on my iphone, so it is no longer ‘haxxored.’  i think it really says something about a company when they can release iteration after iteration of a product and not ever have it be as elegant or useful as a version cobbled together by hobbyists and thieves.  i miss having it hacked and wish i could reverse time.

i apologize if the above paragraph was alienating ‘and/or’ really boring.  i just wanted to give you a taste of what it is like to talk to me in person.  sometimes i will be talking to somebody, like for example in a bar after or before a show, and i will stop mid-sentence because i realize that what i am saying is so uninteresting even to me, that whomever i am talking to has got to be ‘bored as shit.’  so far, coughing out one uninteresting half-sentence after another has been working for me.

i hope your thursday woke you up gently and took you under its wing and showed you how beautiful life could be, because that is what thursday is all about, i always say.