happy…wednesday?  i guess!

i have not engaged in ‘sexting.’  i feel like it would make me uncomfortable.  i feel like if i were to sext someone else, the person i sexted would be made to feel uncomfortable by it.  i am glad i am not a teenager now.  i did not need anything else to confuse and depress me while i was trying to figure out which person i was.  i like regular texting, though, because i think it is entertaining to assign a random inflection or emotional weight to an out-of-context sentence fragment.  i hope people who receive texts from me interpret my overuse of exclamation points to mean i am very angry and melodramatic, because i want them to understand where i am coming from.  i want them to have an authentic and accurate emotional experience.  that is why i use a lot of winky smiles.

i hope that wednesday feels really good on your skin.  it feels soft and silky to me.