hello!  welcome to tuesday!  some of your atoms are replaced as a matter of course, as far as I have been able to determine through a rigorous ‘googling.’  but not all of them.  specifically, the enamel in your teeth is finite.  when it is gone, it is gone.  there is no way for it to replace itself.  also, there is a lot of evidence that points to neurons being persistent and not replacing themselves with other cells.  there is not any good evidence to support a specific amount of time for cell replacement, either.  infants replace cells rapidly, while grown adults do not.  the atoms would be reused in each new copy of cells, as well, as atoms do not change unless turned into energy, changed via nuclear reaction, or by being beaten into less effective versions of themselves by free radicals.

that is your science lesson for today.  i am not a scientist.  if you are and would like to clarify any of those points or correct me, do not hesitate to keep it to yourself or send me an email using the handy-dandy-candy contact link at the top of the page.  or leave a comment.  or whatever you want to do.  i am not the boss of you.

july has not brought to my ‘neck of the woods’ the heat that it normally does.  which is fine with me.  i do not like lying there at night, sweating, wishing that fans could spin faster or that i could take off another layer of clothes despite my being totally naked and floating on a blow up raft in my neighbors’ pool.  where i live, which is often called ‘san diego,’ the hottest months tend to be september and october.  i think they work it that way for the tourists, to make their stay more pleasant.  not sure who it is making these decisions, but i would like to know so i can write them a letter with some profanity in it.

okay, i am going to go eat an otter pop.  i hope your tuesday beats the shit out of yesterday.