hello, my friends, and welcome to yet another week!  they just keep coming.  it is sometimes exhausting, the relentless nature of time.   but then you put the saddle on it and adjust the stirrups and sharpen your spurs, and you ride that week into the sunset yelling things that make you sound really intimidating to your foes.  how was your weekend?  did you conquer it and make it your indentured servant?

i have never been to jail, and i do not think i have ever even been inside a jail.   i am all right with this!   if i do go to jail, though, i hope the people in there with me are cool with my knitting.   i do not want to fall behind just because of something lame like being incarcerated.

the fourth of july was yesterday, and as an american, i did my duty by eating processed meat and drinking until i felt i should drink no more ever again.   if you are also american, did you do anything to celebrate that fact?   if you are not american and yesterday was not the fourth of july, then what day was it?   that seems like it must be very confusing for you!   i hope you also drank a lot, because, let’s face it, it was sunday.

anyway, i hope your week has ‘kicked off’ nicely, and that a ‘truly stunning’ week follows today!