insert joke about BP here.

i am not an environmentalist in the strictest sense, or by the definition of the word, but i assume it would be better to have clean beaches and some nature for future generations than if we destroyed it all.  i think there may be some middle ground between tree hugging and large-scale toxic dumping.  i wish we could find it so i could invite my tree hugger friends and my polluting evil-corporation friends to the same parties.

i just got back from a long hike, and i saw some nature on it.  i took pictures of butterflies, and i briefly wished they were called “butlerflies” and wore little tuxedos and took my damn coat.  it was probably my fault for wearing a coat hiking in july at midday.

well, here is another week we must stare down until it yields and gives us our free drink even though our coupon expired last month.  i hope yours begins with a bang. or a boomerang.