that is not a real word.  do not use it in public or people will make fun you, and i will not do very much to discourage them.

my psyche is a treacherous, twisty series of tubes, and i find the most crushingly sad aspects of life to be among the funniest.  it is probably a defense mechanism.  i am probably terrified right now and i do not even know it; i am distracted by this sir isaac lime otter pop.

it is tuesday.  i am going to call it ‘bluesday’ because it fits with the comic, but do not feel pressured to follow suit.  yesterday i meant to spend a lot of time really hammering away at future comic updates and the robot thing, but it just sort of slipped away.  i went to target to get some racquetballs and a first aid kit, and when i came out it was nighttime.  i hate when i have a lot to do, and at first it seems doable, but then the time just falls through some unseen cracks in the cosmic floor.  what i am getting at is, if you are the one who took six hours of my day yesterday, now’s your chance to give it back, no questions asked.

okay, well, whatever.  i hope your tuesday kicks asses, but only ones that deserve it.