hello my friends! today is friday, which is pretty cool, i think! this has been a long and exciting week. i have some new readers, which is pretty awesome indeed. and yesterday i got my first hater! check out yesterday’s comments section to see just how hatey he was hating on me.*

today’s comic deals with some very real issues that i had to face when i “grew up” and became “a regular dude.” primarily it deals with shopping and dating. i think it is important that i point out that this comic should not be taken as “advice,” per se. but if you find that drawing on a moustache and donning an anachronistic hat increases your success rate with members of the gender of person you like to connect with in a romantic setting, please “knock yourself out” as necessary.

anyway. if you like this comic, please tell your friends about it if you have some. you probably do; you are very awesome. or if you do not like this comic, but think that somebody you know might, well, i am okay if you tell them about it, too! um i hope you have a very nice weekend.


*Note (8-30-16): All comments from the old site were lost. I believe it was something about how my comics aren’t funny and I can’t draw. It was pretty great, as I recall.