this probably happens all the time, but i found it strange: the other day (like two months ago) a guy came to my front door and knocked loudly so that i would hear it over my loud singing and musical-instrument-playing. when i went to the door, he was selling steaks. he said that his boss told him to offer them at a discount because it was the end of the day and they would otherwise go to waste. i told him i did not want any steaks, thank you. he asked me why not. um. what? i told him that the conversation was “weirding me out,” and bid him farewell. does this happen to you? do people come to your door and give you a high pressure sales pitch to purchase discounted meats? if so, how do you handle these situations? i found it hard not to panic, as that was not a situation i had ever prepared to be in.

i hope your day is very tasty. like a juicy, surprisingly affordable steak.