wednesday is being kind of an asshole.  you can just ignore it.

now that a couple days have apparently passed, i can reflect on my trip to las vegas with a little bit of clarity.  only a little bit, though.  i remember drinking.  i remember eating a little, here and there.  i remember the tattoo thing.  there was a bar that i sat in for a while where the bartender ladies would get up on the bar and dance every now and then.  it did not seem like an efficient way to run a bar, i have to say.  one time my hat blew off because it was so windy outside.  the drive home was – i heard – awful, but i do not remember because i was asleep the whole time because of all the hardcore partying, i guess.  i lost seven dollars gambling.  those damn penny slots, they get you every time.

anyway, here is a comic that is ostensibly about a hammer.  that’s wednesday for you.