friday is like, “what is up?” and i am all, “dude, nothing much, bro.”

i am going to be honest, i love chicken.  i like eating pieces of chickens.  there are chickens and they hatch out of eggs and then they grow up (a little) and then they cut the heads off of them and remove their organs and other things, then they ship the muscly  parts to various places.  then these parts are cooked and what i like is the way these parts taste after they are cooked.  just to be clear on what i like about chickens.  oh, also they are kind of cute before all that tasty stuff happens to them.

how was your week?  did it ‘blow your mind?’  it did not do that to me, but it was pleasant and strange in the way that life always seems pleasant and strange.  i will be happy if my whole life is mostly pleasant and strange.  i do not need it to be amazing.  if i were constantly amazed, i feel like i would get tired of being like, “whoa!”  and maybe i would just want to sit down and feel pleasant for a little while.  what if being amazed all the time just made being amazed seem boring?  that almost does not make any sense, i guess, but it still seems like you would somehow get used to it.  i suppose then you would not be amazed anymore, just uncertain about the next thing that is going to happen, the next thing that would have amazed you had you not been amazed so many times before already.

oh jeez, i need to go to bed i guess.  i am not even re-reading that paragraph for typos.  i think my brain will melt right off my face.  have a pleasant and strange weekend.