friday finally made it, and not a moment too soon!

this comic came from ideas drawn on placemats at Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory.  just to provide context.  that is as much context as i can provide, really.

i am going to las vegas today.  i will be there until sunday.  so what that means is – providing i am conscious enough to do so – i will be making next week’s comics from that sparkly city.  i wonder what they will be about.  odds are they will have nothing to do with las vegas.  we will just have to see, yes.  i cannot promise that they will be written sober.  but – if we are being honest – that is a promise i can never really make.  oh, but i have promised not to let my friend back out of getting the triforce tattooed on his hand.  that is not a lie like most of the things on the internet and this site in particular.

anyway, here is hoping your weekend is filled with the fun kind of out-of-control insanity.