hello, wednesday, you old building and loan!

so now you know the whole story.  kind of.

i realize that there are parts of the world and even this country that do not have Jack In The Box.  it is a fast food chain.  two tacos for 99 cents.

when i was a teenager, there was one by my house that did its own promotion, which was three tacos for 99 cents.  this is a dangerous sort of thing for a teenage boy.  one time a friend and i went there because we were very hungry but only had six dollars between us.  yes.  eighteen tacos.  the human body is not meant to eat nine tacos in one sitting it just isn’t.

one good thing that came of that deal they had, though, was when one of my high school classes had a “cultural fair,” which is what we had to call parties in order to be allowed to have them.  people brought in dishes from all over the world.  i brought the most american food i could think of.  i brought forty-two jack in the box tacos.  they are nothing like real tacos.  they have a slice of american cheese in them, and the meat is mostly soy.  also, i am not sure that tacos are generally fully dipped into a deep fryer.

anyway, those are my jack in the box taco stories for today.  i hope you enjoyed them.

have a wonderful wednesday filled with music and laughter and also maybe some jellybeans if you are into it.