monday! tuesday! whatever!

so i thought my week-long absence deserved an explanation.  then i looked at the explanation and thought, “that is too long!” and so i made it a two-parter.  on wednesday, you will get to read the thrilling conclusion.  or at least the place where i decided to stop telling the story.

oh, the non-superman character in this comic is me.  this is exactly what i look like. i have a big round head and am very pale.

how have you been, anyway?  i hope last week was really great for you.  it kind of sucked for me (see comic above).  i will not take an unscheduled break again unless something really crazy happens, like if my arms are stolen by highwaymen and i have no way to hold a pen or stylus.  that probably will not happen, though (knock on wood), so do not worry.  plenty more pancakes to be eaten and digested.  metaphorically, mostly.  literally, somewhat.

have a really rad whatever day it is !