friday comes and destroys its foes!

how has your week been?  i hope it was pretty cool.  mine was pretty okay i guess.  it was filled with guitars and pizza and netflix and sitting around wondering how these things are connected, what the meaning behind them might be.  probably they are a view of a possible future.  maybe i will make a lot of money playing the guitar and endorse a pizza chain and have a concert dvd on netflix.  or maybe i will get a job delivering pizzas and will deliver one to a guitar player who asks me to drop off his netflix dvd in the mailbox.  endless possibilities!  that is the great thing about life, i think.  the only limits are in your head.  also physics.  physics limit you somewhat, especially if you wanted to grow your arms long enough to hug the earth.  i lament this nearly every day.

i do not know what anything i wrote above this sentence means.  it is late and all i want to do is feed my pet elephant and go to sleep.

have a nice friday, and if you see saturday and sunday, tell them i am looking for them.