oh, monday, is that dress new? it looks great on you!

you may not be at work today if you live in the united states because it is martin luther king jr. day.  but probably you are.  i do not think i have ever had this day off.  wherever you are, i hope this ridiculous comic finds you well.

childbirth is a little creepy maybe.  i mean, it is beautiful, the creation of life, or whatever.  but also it is creepy that if you are giving birth, there is an entire person coming out of you.  if i found out i had a person living inside me, i would probably never get a good night’s sleep again because of the nightmares i would always be having forever.  just writing this is making me nervous that there might be a person living inside me that could one day go to college and learn electrical engineering or agriculture science.

also, most people hate hospitals because sometimes people die in hospitals, and generally when you are in a hospital there is something wrong with you or someone you care about.  seems kind of shitty that the first place you ever go in your life is a hospital.  i kind of feel like i should be getting mad at someone about this, like maybe this has contributed to my mental health issues, but i cannot get mad at my parents or anyone because i cannot think of a place that would have been more appropriate; hospitals do typically have all the necessary equipment for helping tiny humans come out of larger humans.

anyway, i hope you are having an okay day and that you do not have all this anxiety i am now feeling about all this human parasite nonsense.  may your monday be the cherry on top of your week.  unless you do not like cherries.  in that case, you are on your own.