hello, friday.  i cannot believe it has been a whole week!

unplanned cliff-diving.  involuntary cliff-diving.  cliff-falling.

i do not have very much to say right now, just that i am making cookies and i am very excited about this.  i feel like i have never made cookies by myself before.  i feel like i have just won something.  cookies, probably.  i think instead of trophies, they should hand out cookies.  because everyone likes cookies, and not everyone likes trophies.  that statement might not ‘make sense’ in the traditional way, but really, who cares right?  not me.  okay, i am going to go.  i hope you enjoy your weekend and that it is filled with hope and promise that will one day be fulfilled.


Note (9-1-16): Pretty sure the cookies in question were incredibly potent marijuana cookies. They tasted awful. Best cookies I ever made, no contest.