hello, wednesday.  i am happy you decided to show up even though you do not have a date and everyone is talking about how sad you look.

so, if my calculations are correct, the first 28 pancakes later comics i posted were posted in a batch to a bloggier-looking website here one year ago!  i think the first real post (ignore what the archive says) was january 11, 2010.  and they were all doodled on notebook paper at work at that time.  and i just put them on my blog because i wanted to give them to you.  let us rejoice knowing that i will be doing this for about a thousand more years so that we may laugh together and look at the world as if it is crazy, when in reality, it is we who are crazy.  thank you for reading these comics, truly.

today’s comic is very deep.  i cannot say anything about it without writing volumes, so i will let your brain do what it wants to with it.

anyway, stay tuned because 28 pancakes later is just getting started.  very soon there will be a comic about cliff diving and yet another comic about space because dudes, space is super cool.

may wednesday bathe you in her luminous presence and open your mind to new and wondrous culinary experiences!