oh, wednesday, what have i ever done to you?

hello my friends.  today’s comic is “about” television.  i have a very complex relationship with television.  i like some programs that originally air or aired on television.  shows like futurama, and arrested development, and cheers.  but i have to be honest.  i do not have time to turn down the volume when commercials for ridiculous things start playing.  i do not have time to keep changing channels until something that is not devoid of creativity or cultural value appears on my television screen.  when it gets down to it, i just really do not have time to watch television.  it seems like it could become habitual.  i have enough habits i wish i did not have.  so i watch the shows i perceive to be the ‘best’ on netflix or dvd or whatever, and the rest of the current television programming rushes past me almost unnoticed like wonder woman’s invisible plane, while i shout, “wonder woman, we can still totally see you!”

anyway, i hope your wednesday is the cool kind of wednesday, not the normal kind.