hello, friday, you are awesome!  very awesome!

this comic was kind of fun to draw.  maybe that is what this site is missing – explosions.  it is too bad print is dead.  movies in the future are going to have spinning blogs with headlines instead of newspapers.  the children will ask what newspapers even were and we will all feel very old and very wise and very old.

i cannot wait for superbro and Kentucky Lars to meet and do battle.  where will it take place?  what will the stakes be?  you guys have to help me.  that storyline seems ‘too epic’ for me to handle on my own.

i hope your day is awesome, and that friday wears a fedora and says things that private detectives might say but which i cannot think of at the moment.


Note (8-31-16): Definitely made this comic many years before Superman did exactly this and pissed off nearly everyone both inside the movie and out.