oh shit, it is tuesday!

it is after 2 am.  i was very tired while i inked that comic, but now i am feeling less tired, and i am nervous that it might be hard to get to sleep, like my ‘second wind’ is going to keep waking me up and telling me to kill people or hopefully something even more fun.  sometimes i am happy when i get past tired and feel like ‘partying hard’ again, but not tonight.  tonight i already had a date planned with Sleep.  i made a reservation for us at My Pillow.  it was going to be a very special night.  now i will probably just show up to My Pillow and wonder why Sleep ‘stood me up.’ do you ever get your ‘second wind’ when you totally do not want to?  do you ever take advantage of the extra awake-ness to do productive things, or do you just lie there and think, “goddammit i wish i was sleeping right now” or something?

anyway, i hope tuesday wins big at the races and shares some of its treasure with you.