greetings, wednesday, do you come here often?

so this is the first comic made in my new cave.  this cave is on the second floor, though, and has a window and stuff.  the window looks out into a different, larger room.  it feels very ‘meta.’

yesterday was pretty much everyone’s birthday.  it was confusing.  there was talk of chicago (the band), and rush (the band), and wedding dresses (i do not know if there is a band called that, but even if there is, that is not what we were talking about).  there was wine and beer and sausage and a cake-like substance that i hesitate to classify as cake, but which seemed to surpass cake in being awesome (i agree that does not make a lot of sense).  did you know multiple people with birthdays yesterday?  if so, did you have to choose between parties, or did you get to eat pieces of two different birthday cakes?  why is it that i ask questions i know the answers to?  only time will tell.

i am really hoping that wednesday opens up and talks to you in a meaningful and unsarcastic way.