i just talked to tuesday.  it says, “hello.”

when i was in high school, i saw the movie grosse pointe blank.  it made me seriously want to be a hitman.  of course, at that time i was burdened by “morals” and “human emotion,” and i could not find a way to reconcile things inside me.  now that i am older, colder, and more of a robotic killing machine, i am thinking that if this “professional doodling” doesn’t work out, maybe i could shoot strangers for a living.

really, i just wanted to do a high contrast drawing of a rocky structure.

did you ever have a job you wanted to do before you realized that it is the opposite of what you wanted to do?  i have mentioned here before that i wanted to be an astrophysicist before i realized that thinking ‘long and hard’ about numbers and facts directly contradicts all of my talents and general leanings.  typically i am trying to deny facts and make numbers look like ‘unreliable superstition.’

monday was generally kind to me.  tuesday looks like it might have a secret.  i hope it is a good secret and that it is some kind of awesome food.  i hope you get to eat tuesday’s secret, too.