wednesday is a wild stallion you cannot tame!

greetings, fellow computer users!  how are things going today?  this week has felt strange, but i cannot think of a solid reason why, so i am just ‘rolling with it.’

i got in a car accident yesterday, which is really awesome.  not a big one, just the kind that makes you think, “aw, man, but my insurance rates are already so high!”  the bro that was in the other car was pretty chill, though.  i think he is a music producer or something, and his girlfriend is an actress.  they seemed to be from los angeles.  maybe if they stayed in los angeles instead of going to a mall in san diego, i would not have run into their car using my car.  it was in front of target.  to make myself feel better, i went inside and bought laundry detergent.  have you been in any notable ‘fender-benders?’  or at least any notable ‘benders?’

anyway, today’s comic is a true story.  i hope it ‘touched you on a personal level.’

i hope your wednesday touches you, also, but not in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.