that is disturbing and thursday does not even care!

tomorrow’s comic will be (slightly) lighter in theme.  there was not originally blood in this comic, and truly it might have been funnier without the blood, i will admit.  but there is something absolutely gorgeous about the splatter brushes i found for photoshop and i could not help but use them.  do forgive this indulgence.  like you forgive every other one, since that is essentially what this web site is.

i locked myself out of the house today, sort of.  i was in the garage.  and after checking all the other doors and finding them also locked, i came back in the garage and used my cellular phone to look up how to pick locks.  and when that seemed ‘way too complicated,’ i put the end of a flathead screwdriver in the keyhole and pounded it with a hammer until it opened.  which somehow did not break it; it still works.  (that sentence was to reassure my wife that i did not permanently damage the doorknob so that she will not make me go get a new one.)  have you ever locked yourself out?  how did you get back inside?  were you also afraid that you looked to your neighbors like a creepy burglar since you are not very social and do not know your neighbors?  is that just a california thing?

okay, well, i hope thursday does not lock you out and instead bakes you ginger snaps or something.