hello, monday, what gives?

this weekend was ‘kind of lame’ for most of the people i know.  either they were bored, or they were sad, or they found out they were imaginary and had to ‘face some hard facts.’  i felt neutral this weekend, which is fine.  i got to eat trifle and watch mystery science theater 3000 on netflix.  honestly, i do not know what else i would have asked for if someone had told me that i could ask for more things.

today’s comic is what it is, and that is basically all i have to say about it.  i will do another multi-comic like the previous one some time this week.  probably on friday.  that seems like the day that i would want to show you multiple comics at once.  kind of like a ‘reward’ for ‘getting through’ another week.

well, okay, see you later.  i hope monday does not kidnap you and take you to a movie you did not want to see very much, all the while thinking it did you a huge favor.