friday called and totally talked about you.  someone has a crush!

these 8 comics are kind of in the ‘style’ of the ones i made at the beginning of the year.  they were fun to make.  i cannot take credit for the first one.  i had a picture of abraham lincoln drawn on a whiteboard, and when i was not around, my wife wrote, “four fours and several fours ago” on it.  so that comic was written by meghan mcfarland and then drawn by me.  i am solus nebevay.  i do not know if we have been introduced.

well, it has been a long week, kind of, i guess.  i guess it was a normal-sized week.  maybe i am not the best person to ask about this topic.  regardless of the perceived length of the week, i hope its end is a ‘hell of a lot of fun.’  may friday and saturday and sunday sneak up behind you and pour a cooler of gatorade on your head, even if the team you coach does not win at sports.