hey, wednesday is here, everyone run!

i feel pretty good today, maybe.  at least i did when i wrote this yesterday.  we moved enough stuff to feel ‘at home’ in our new place, and my wife decorated it.  and she did it in a way that makes me feel happy.  there are cool drawings of animals and a big selenite spire on our dining table and battlestar gallactica propaganda posters lining the hallway.  she really ‘geeked out.’  or maybe ‘nerded it up.’

the wording of today’s comic underwent very little change in the ‘creation process.’  after i thought of it, i went online to look at what wine was recommended with pea soup (the only ‘adult equivalent’ of mushed peas i could think of), and i had guessed correctly with sauvignon blanc.  i do not like wine, and it was entirely a guess.  i thought that was funny.  maybe, though, it is not that funny.

well, anyway, i hope wednesday feels you up at a wedding.  um, in a good way.