hello, wednesday, i believe you owe me an apology.

i think the ‘format’ is this: if i think up one comic, then i will post it.  if i think up 8 comics, i will post them all.  if i think up three, well, that is okay too.  maybe a ‘lack of format’ is my ‘format.’  i am okay with this.  i hope you are okay with this also.

i have a show tonight downtown.  i play bass in a country-folk band.  you would think that such ‘hijinks’ would happen that i could fill each comic with band-related hilarity, but it seems that maybe is not the case.  if you are in or around the san diego area, we are playing at ‘the stage’ on 5th.  the show starts at 8, but i do not know when we play.  if you cannot come, i will understand, probably, if you explain clearly the reasons why not.  and they had better be good ones.

there is not much else to say about this day, wednesday, so we will let it rest in peace.  i hope you eat fish sticks and sing karaoke today (preferably at the same time, if possible).