hey, monday, you look thinner.

i think maybe if i owned a tuxedo, i would be invited to more galas. i think people refrain from inviting me because they know i will show up in shorts and a ski jacket and maybe a darth vader helmet.

what are your thoughts on chandeliers? do you consider them the ‘epitome of classiness’ re: lighting fixtures, or do you think they are ‘showing off.’ i had a chandelier in my house when i was a kid, but i do not really remember what it looks like. i remember it being ‘out of place.’ the place i am living right now has one, but it is not very classy. i think it was made of wrought iron, but then someone painted it silver. it has a certain ‘ridiculous charm’ about it, maybe, though. i think more than one lightbulb in one single lighting unit is realistically¬†‘overkill.’

this comic was a lot of fun to make for you. i hope you liked it. i also hope you like the rest of your monday (or whatever day it is when you read this).


Note (8-31-16): The file name for this comic is mirrormoustachemirror, which is a pretty fucking oblique Ghost World reference, even for me.