friday, i cannot stop thinking about you.  this is getting ridiculous.

hello.  it is friday.  i am happy that you came to my web site today, even if it is not friday anymore when you read this.  you can come back next friday if you want and read this again, and maybe i will look like less of a damn liar.

i kind of want to make a font like that.  i think it would be totally rad.  if i ever have free time again, i will maybe do that (maybe not though because if you do not remind me i will not remember).

do you ever smell things that are not there?  when i took ‘kava extract’ pills to ‘chill the fuck out,’ i smelled something fruity, like raspberry flavored ‘pixy sticks.’  no, i was not ‘snorting’ pixy sticks, but one ‘could have fooled’ my nose.  also sometimes when i have a cold, i smell beef stew, even when no one around me is making beef stew.  let me know if i am ‘batshit crazy’ or if you also smell things that are not there.

well, i hope your week was great and that your weekend is ‘somewhat relaxing.’  may friday clean up after itself so that you do not have to.  seriously.  ‘for real.’