hey, wednesday, you look like you need a hug.

i have to periodically do comics with sombreros in them otherwise i might get ‘rusty’ at drawing them.

this is not what i do when i must feign interest in a conversation, but sometimes i pretend other things.  like i will pretend i am on a late night talk show and try to ‘squeeze in’ a bunch of anecdotes of how being a celebrity is not very much different from being a ‘normal bro.’  i pretend the other person’s uncomfortable laughter is a big audience ‘cracking up’ at my wittiness.  or sometimes i will pretend like the world is going to end tomorrow and nobody knows it but me, so i act very nonchalant about everything because i know it will not matter at all in the morning.  i am doing that right now.

do you add these sorts of elements to your conversations in your head to keep them ‘exciting and fresh?’  do you ever notice anybody else doing it?

anyway, i hope you do not hate your wednesday, because wednesday is not to blame.


Note (8-31-16): Kimmy Schmidt did a joke pretty similar to this, five years later. I am not sure how I feel about this, but that is a very funny show, so I guess alright?