oh, monday, you are so complicated!

i am still ‘upstate.’  there are a lot of cemeteries here.  there are not very many in california.  this place is going to be hit so hard when the zombies come.  i wish there was something i could do, but digging up graves and burning bodies is i guess ‘frowned upon?’

i used to worry about zombies a lot.  like most people, i considered where i would ‘hole up’ or where i would acquire weapons in the event of a zombie infestation.  lately, though, i began to realize that once you are turned into a zombie, it is probably not something that ‘bothers’ you anymore.  of course, if you are not turned into one, and instead are ‘ripped apart’ and eaten alive, well, that is probably kind of lame.  damn now i am scared of them again.


i am neither happy nor sad to announce that i am reducing the number of updates per week to 3, and they will be on the cardinal webcomic days (MWF).

well, i hope your monday is not like most mondays and actually calls before coming over.