wednesday, there you are!

today i am flying back to sunny california, which i hear is basically ‘like an oven’ right now.  in new york it has been raining.  it is green here. what i am trying to say is, there is life here that is not scurrying to the air conditioned mall.  but i cannot complain very much.  california has better cell phone coverage.  how do the people that live here exist without being able to stream media on their phones?  i will miss the corn fields.  they were ‘endless’ and made me think of corn and how i like to eat it.

today’s comic is about an issue that is very important to me.  that issue is the time designated for eating tacos.  i think my ‘taco time’ might last longer than everyone else’s.  also, it is an alliteration, which is pretty great.  seriously, though.  tacos.

i will be flying all day, maybe working on things if i can, or just sitting there looking uncomfortable if i cannot.  i like flying, but only for about ten minutes.  then i have to pee and realize that i do not want to get up and squeeze past the people sitting next to me and will have to hold it for 5 hours and 20 more minutes.  i also have to eat ‘dinner’ in the washington/dulles airport.  i can’t wait to discover what gourmet cuisines i can find in that cultural mecca.

a new comic will be posted on friday.  i hope that you come back to read it, because you might like it.

i hope you have a wonderful wednesday and that you remember to brush your teeth, because cavities are no fun!