oh, man, friday. dude.

this comic is more or less autobiographical.  yesterday my mother and i went on a tour of the brewery ommegang in cooperstown, ny.  they make 5 or 6 different kinds of belgian ale, which is my favorite ‘genre’ of beer.  my mother was driving, so i got to drink most of all of her samples.  it was a lovely time.

another thing i did in the general cooperstown area (since neither of us is into baseball) was take a tour through howe’s cavern.  it was cold.  it has a boat you ride on.  i like that things form underground in the dark.  i feel like the world is a better place knowing that there are hollow parts of the earth that i can hide in if i need to.

next friday the comics should return to normal.  this is not supposed to be a journal/diary comic.  this is supposed to be a juicy memoir about my friendship with dracula and abraham lincoln.

i hope your week was pretty nice and that your weekend swaddles you in soft blankets and feeds you cocktail weenies.