thursday, what are you doing in my house?!

this is how all of the passengers on my flight perceived the problem with the door.  i think it worked, but the light that said it worked did not work.  does that make sense?

i apologize for the roughness of this comic.  i was outside when i drew it, and it was getting to be ‘dusk-ish.’  by the time it was done, mosquitoes were carrying off entire chunks of my flesh.

i had ice cream today from an ice cream shop.  i guess they still have those in other parts of the country.  where i am from they have ‘dairy queen,’ and ‘coldstone creamery,’ and some very sad-looking ‘fosters freezes.’  but this place was not depressing or ‘corporate’ feeling.  i guess if i had to make a political statement on this web site, it would be that we have an obligation to decentralize ice cream selling establishments.  it is for the greater good of tastebuddies everywhere.

anyway, i am feeling very sleepy.  i think the constant, sweet drone of a billion crickets might have some sort of hypnotic effect.  if i wake up and my room is full of them and they are all getting nasty in my suitcase, boy will i be pissed and confused.

i hope your thursday shakes your hand and means it for god’s sake.