hey, wednesday!  i just saw your buddy tuesday, and he made me sit all day long without peeing!

so, if you cannot read the things in this picture, please click on the transcript thingie below.  this may be an instance where it is necessary.  i drew this on the airplane depicted in the diagram, and it was very hot and stuffy and i think the pilot was trying to do barrel rolls and backflips and shit.

overall it was not an unpleasant day, but it was long and some of the time i was bored.  and some of the time i would take my headphones off to hear the woman’s accent next to me and try to figure out where she was from without asking her.  and some of the time i played videogames on my psp and looked like i needed to ‘grow up.’

it was a flying day; that sums it up.  before i ever took off there was a problem with the plane that delayed my departure.  i have a half-drawn comic of it that you might see tomorrow (or possibly never depending on a number of unpredictable factors).

anyway, now i am here in small town america, trying to slow things down and get my mind off my stressful, big-city life.  i hope wednesday lets you relax a little, too, even if you did not think you needed to.