omg tuesday, wtf.

i hope this comic answered some questions about the characters’ backstories.

okay, this is important, kind of, i guess.  today i am leaving on an airplane and will be far away in upstate new york for approximately eight days.  during this time i will not have access to a scanner or a tablet.  what this means is that you will get a week of ‘special vacation comics’ which will be worth a lot more than the regular ones when i am dead.  i will draw them on paper and take photographs of them with my camera as best i can.  they may or may not be related to my travel experience.  if you have been reading this comic for long, you probably know that the sentence preceding this one should be interpreted very loosely.  i will update on the same schedule.  if i make any more drawings or sentences, i will post them in the blog below or on my tumblr.  i will have my portable computing machine and access to the cybernet, so honestly you might not notice that anything is different.  maybe you will think i just got lazy with the drawings.

i hope your tuesday gets you alone and confesses a deep and abiding love of horseback riding.