hello!  it is friday!  that is pretty cool, i think.

yesterday i went to comic con, and today i am going to go there again.   i saw a lot of ‘people i admire,’ and today maybe i will have ‘gathered the nerve’ to talk to them.  it is kind of overwhelming to walk around the convention thinking about actually going there to sell things and stuff.   i do not know that there is a good way to describe what that place feels like.   it is like a packed-stadium-concert but instead of music, there are comics and movies and costumes and really giant bags they give out for free so that you are ‘not dissuaded from buying things because you have no more room to carry them.’

i saw a panel on tv shows that are on showtime. mostly i saw it because i like weeds and mary-louise parker was there and i have a crush on that woman. also michael c. hall, but i have never seen the show he is on, which is called dexter and, i assume, is about a child scientist.  the best part though was david duchovny.  he is a very very funny man. he seemed like ‘the most relaxed man alive.’   it might be cool to be that guy.

i saw the cast of the guild.  i will bring my dvds tomorrow and see if they are there again so i can have them write their names on them using a sharpie permanent marker.  i feel like my life would be better for that experience.  probably more from the talking to them than the autographs.

a note about being away from a computer or electrical outlet all day: the battery in the iphone is a very mean joke.  i posted only a couple ‘tweets,’ and my battery was drained when i got home.  and the at&t service was so bad that i did not even post every tweet because i did not ‘have service,’ and then the moment had passed, and i felt like it would be insincere to write something about ‘currently being in line’ when i was ‘no longer in line.’

that is all.  i will write anything interesting that happens at comic con here or on twitter.

i hope your friday feels like a nice warm bath on a cold winter afternoon.