it is monday!  that is all right, i guess!

this weekend was tiring.  we had a ‘very large’ garage sale that lasted two days.  insane!  a large portion of the people who show up to garage sales are very weird.  disproportionate to society in general.  sometimes (often) they ask for specific things, and those things are usually really strange.  some people told us we could get more money for some of the stuff, but honestly, we just wanted to ‘get it out;’ the money was just the cold sweet icing on the already tasty ice cream cake.

i did not end up spending very much time at comic con.  it was very crowded and i wanted to spend more time at home working on stuff.  mostly i did not want to take the trolley or find parking downtown.  it seemed a giant hassle.

i had a ‘dry spell’ when thinking of today’s comic.  i drew ~20 comics that were not very good.  that sort of thing is interesting to me.  like how a lot of the great books you read were many revisions better than the first draft, which was probably ‘close to terrible.’  you only ever hear a band’s best songs or see a painter’s best paintings.  this is probably a good thing.  i think most movies would be ‘really crappy,’ for example, if they were not edited down to only the essential things you need to see to understand them and have the ‘intended emotional response.’

well, anyway.  i am going to do a thing right now, and that thing is none of your concern.  may your monday be a never-ending shower of love and happiness.