oh yes, for sure it is thursday.  as you may have read ‘someplace,’ maybe here, thursday ‘has a special place’ in my neurosis.  it is the harbinger of friday, by god. and it is here again.  time does not get tired and take breaks.  it just keeps ‘doing its thing,’ which is something i envy.

i have a nice pair of maracas from haiti.  one of them has been significantly ‘bashed in’ on the side, but it still works.  after drawing this comic, i feel like i should take the maracas downtown and stand on a street corner and show off my impressive skill.  i have never used them in any recordings, which i am realizing now is a ‘goddam tragedy.’  i will correct that soon.  i promise.

well, i am going to comic-con today.  i will have buttons, so if you are going to that shindig and want one, let me know, yo.

i hope your thursday digs a hole in the ground and plants some nice flowers for you so that in the springtime you will look outside and think, ‘oh, neat!’