the moon belongs to all of us!

happy monday, if that is a thing that makes sense in ‘our’ reality.

i do not know very much about the moon. i do not think it has much of a future. i do not think it will turn out to be useful outside of the thing with the tides and the calendars. i read someplace that scientists believe it is dust from earth that was thrown into space when a large, fast object hit the planet. then the gravity of the dust pulled it all into a sphere like ‘normal’ planets are usually formed. do you think this is true? i think that maybe it is true, but honestly it does not seem like a useful thing for me to know.

a little over a year ago i wanted to ‘change the course of my life’ and become an astronomer. specifically, i wanted to be an astrophysicist. but it turns out that a job like that requires a ‘degree.’ and i guess those take time to obtain, so i settled for ‘uploading stupid pictures to the internet.’ i am pretty happy with my choice, though, because there is less math, and so my brain gets to lie back and relax and drink a tropical drink in the shade.

this comic was drawn in pen on paper. it seemed like it would be easier than ‘digital’ until i was about halfway through and ran out of ink and had to use the blood of cthulhu to finish it. i am hoping he has a sense of humor.

this week is comic con. i will be there. i will be ‘wandering around aimlessly’ wearing a 28pl shirt. if you are there and see me, i demand that you say hello to me. not really. that would be weird wouldn’t it. but seriously.

okay, well you guys have a monday that makes you stand up and shout: “woohoo!” or something equally indicative of your inexorable¬†excitement and joy.


Note (9-9-16): This is the first of two comics that I more or less subconsciously yanked the “punchline” from the first “A Lesson Is Learned by the Damage Is Irreversible” comic. Also, check out that comic, it gets really weird and amazing. The artist did all the gorgeous art for the game “Braid” if that makes a difference to you.