welcome home, friday!

i am not allergic to bees, but it still seems like a risky con to attend.

to be honest i do not have anything to say on the subject of telephone calls, bees, festivals, or wearing bee costumes in public.  also there was a kind of funny anecdote that i was going to share in the event that i did not have anything to say, but i forgot what it was.  it has been an interesting exercise to write this news post every day because in the past i have destroyed several blogs through inactivity due to my chronic lack of things to say.  i am finding some things out about my brain and how it organizes ideas into words and words into sentences and makes my fingers type them.  specifically, i have found that 12:15am is not my ‘peak hour.’  but whatever.

i am listening to a song by ceo right now, and it sounds like ‘world music,’ and i think it is pretty okay.  i feel like i am flying through a jungle in search of something or someone.  okay, my brain is shutting down, and it is starting to show.

so i hope you have a friday filled with donuts or something pretty cool like that.  i think i will have a smoothie instead of donuts.  THIS IS PERTINENT INFORMATION.