tuesday is a thing that is happening right now.

this was originally intended to be a sadder comic, but it is difficult to keep dracula down.  amirite?  two dracula comics in a row seems like ‘overkill.’

i always feel ‘moderately’ to ‘very’ guilty when i do not buy lemonade from lemonade stands.  and i have never bought lemonade from a child at a stand.  internally, i am convinced that this makes me a terrible human being.  i was always too afraid of strangers as a child to do anything like that.

the national’s newest album high violet is very good.  i do not know why i did not listen to it sooner.  it has been out since may.  they are kind of a sad-sounding band anyway, but this album seems especially dark.  i like the song “sorrow” a lot.  it reminds me of someone who is actually me.  if my endorsement of this album was not enough to make you listen to samples of it online and consider purchasing it, you should know that a song on it contains the lyric: “i was carried to ohio in a swarm of bees.”  pretty sure that is epic.

well i do not think i have anything else to say right now that you would care about.  i hope your tuesday offers to carry your bags for you because it can tell that you have been walking a very long time.