oh my god it is friday holyshit you guys!

i like gps, but i only have it on my phone, and it is not easy to use a navigation ‘app’ while driving, and it is also probably unsafe and perhaps illegal.  it is just as well, though.  i do not need another robot voice talking to me.  god knows i have enough of those.  it would be funny if one of the voices you could choose on one of those things was the voice of your friend who always tells you to turn too late because he was talking and not paying attention.  i bet they would not sell very many.  “oh, sorry, you missed it.  hmmm, no u-turn at this light.  maybe the next one?  we can just go around the block.”

well, it is after three a.m. as of this writing, so i am going to go into hibernation for a while.  i hope your weekend is safe, but also fun.  see if you can swing that.