friday, is it really you? yay!

Original Bubs, 28pl commenter extraordinaire, suggested that more space work was in order.  or at least that is how i took it.  this comic and monday’s comic seem to imply that “space work” is just regular work, and that craig is just a liar.  but nope. it is still pretty boring, though.

i really am glad it is friday.  i do not even know why.  i work on the weekends.  maybe i am happy for all the people who get to relax for a little while.  that makes me feel good inside, probably.  are you doing something fun this weekend?  i hope so.  that is kind of what weekends are for.  please do not tell me you are doing yard work or something.  i do not care if that is what you are doing, but do not tell me about it please.  please.  i cannot take that kind of news right now.

okay, now that i have lost my composure entirely, i bid you farewell.  have a great weekend and may friday give you a big, sloppy kiss on the face.