monday returns and brings with it … doom!

welcome to 2011, the awesomest year in all of earth’s history!  i am excited!

i saw tron: legacy, which was pretty good.  maybe it had some holes or a bunch of them.  maybe i did not know what was going on in it some or all of the time.  maybe i felt silly not having ever seen the first one.  but i saw it in 3D, so i felt like i was in the future, and that is a thing i am always wishing to feel.

i cannot think of anything else i need to tell you right now.  i hope your monday tickles you until you pee a little.  and i hope your 2011 is good.  i hope you hold it upside down and shake it so all its change comes out and you can use it to buy a soda from the machine.


Note (9-1-16): 2011 sure turned out to be shitty!