hello friday!  thank you for being the last day of this year!  that is very cool of you.

so, i am back now.  and i made a comic where vomit appears to be coming out of the eyes of a cartoon version of me.  i feel like i should apologize or something, but nope.

this is more or less a true story, though.  every moment of that movie was cringe-worthy.  some of it was “humor” beaten out of a dead horse (food in the teeth in front of everyone), and some of it was completely ridiculous for no apparent reason (a restaurant that serves food in pure darkness).  were the jokes some sort of deconstruction of humor or observations about the nature of what makes us laugh, some of it actually might have worked.  knowing that it was an actual romantic comedy intended to be seen on dates and things really made me feel upset in my brain.  it was like a high school student had to write a romantic comedy for an english class, and then that student’s parents were hollywood producers and said, “wow we would like to spend millions of dollars so everyone can see this amazing pile of dogshit!”  i hope that is how it happened, because that is a little funny, i guess.

so, the holidays are over.  almost.  you have one last chance to party your ass off.  one magical night.  so put on your dancing hat and get your groove out.  2010 was a “meh” sort of year in general, i think, for most people, so let us use this one last night to create some really ridiculous memories to pass on in song and story.

i hope you are well, and be safe.  all the crazy people are out driving on the road tonight.  at least, that is what my calendar says we have planned.