monday offered me a job spying on tuesday, and i was all, “what the hell.”

this comic was made with watercolor paint, and that is why the shading is very purple.  because after i put the paint there, it was pretty much there to stay, no matter how many wishes i made or leprechauns i sacrificed.  i kind of like working with watercolor sometimes, or any “real” media, because it is like a horror movie kind of.  i like it because i am scared.  scared that i will fuck it up and have to start over from the beginning.  because that would make me feel unhappy for a short time.

i do not have any strong feelings about bigfoot.  honestly, it is a concept that i occupy very little of my time thinking about.  maybe if i move to the pacific northwest, though, i will think about it more, and maybe i will be afraid to go into the woods at night to use the outhouse because bigfoot might see me go in there and then put something in front of the door to block me in because what if bigfoot is a dick?  my feelings toward bigfoot have gotten stronger after that last sentence.  i am not sure now and feel confused.

well, i hope your monday is okay even though it is monday and that usually means work/school/sitting on the couch unemployed and feeling complex feelings about it that are mostly negative.  i hope your monday is okay even though those things.