hello, friday!

what is up, my friends?  i am feeling a lot better today, so i am here drawing comics and thinking of other comics to draw later.

i do not play cards very often because i have a very short attention span.  i am used to games involving a lot of ‘shooting bros in the face.’  or maybe ‘using swords to stab bros in the face.’  written out, that sounds ‘unhealthy,’ possibly, psychologically.

do you play cards?  what is your favorite card game?  if you were to play cards against me, would you take advantage of the fact that my attention is wandering and then cheat and win all my monies?  probably not.  you guys are nice.

have a fantastic weekend, for real.  make it special.  seriously.  because tomorrow is my birthday.  and it is my birthday wish that you have a great time all weekend long.